Our history

What we believe

We provide small and medium-sized companies with the digital solutions they need to succeed and grow.

We believe that the integration of technology into human lives is a reality, and we are convinced that we can use it to improve our living conditions.

Our history

Five years ago, Juan David García was working in a multinational marketing company in an operational position, and in the midst of his work he discovered a reality: small companies have no one to turn to in order to grow digitally and close the technological gap with large corporations, 

In addition, he found that communication between companies and their technology suppliers was often not straightforward, and that the goals of the two companies often did not mesh - while the technology company was thinking in technical terms, the contracting company was thinking in terms of performance, goals and results.

He decided to go to the market to look for clients, and together with a group of friends from his work, he was able to confirm that they offered great value to companies, and it didn't take long for the company to grow.

In 2019, they already had experience working with companies such as Hyundai and the University of Antioquia, and the dream has continued to grow with customers at the center, and the will to continue contributing to eliminating the technological gap.

Having worked with small and medium-sized companies in 15 countries and 4 languages, it is currently in a new phase of growth, with a new office in the El Poblado neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, and with a team growing in quality and size to meet the demand of small and medium-sized companies that want to grow and leverage technology.

Our principles

We exist to serve, and we believe that delivering disproportionate value will always be rewarded by God regardless of the results, that is why we seek to serve with Excellence and Integrity to our clients, so that we can be a good example, a center of change leveraged by technology, and a human company that puts people above everything else.

They are part of our history

Juan David Garcia

CEO - Founder


Lucy Hurtado

Project leader


Urban Guzman

Web Designer


Lao Dav

Fullstack Developer


Renzo gaviria

Web Designer



Fullstack Developer


Our home: The world

We are sure that barriers do not exist, and that is why we serve small and medium-sized companies in 15 countries in 4 different languages.




United States


Costa Rica










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