Reap out the benefits of Software Test Automation: an Overview

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We have shared ten key benefits of adopting software test automation for software, web and mobile app testing so what are you waiting for? If you don’t have skilled resources, get in touch with experts to formalize you automation practices.
Time to be innovative and pro-active to reap the benefits of Software Test Automation.

Just a few years back client might have asked you why we should go for automation testing for our software or mobile apps. But now, the scenario has changed drastically; automation is the new buzz word. Latest software testing trends are clearly indicating how marketing has shifted towards automation. Some of the market study suggests that almost 35% of the companies are already going ahead with automation while 29% of them are ready to implement automation in next few months.

There are multiple benefits with automation testing and therefore most companies are proactively implementing it for software, web, and mobile apps testing. Let us quickly see some of the key benefits:

Saves lot of Time:

Since, everything is automated, you can ensure the exact time for testing. On time delivery with accuracy is guaranteed with software test automation. Manual testing on other hand can be time taking and at times may come up with human errors, to eliminate such scenarios it is always recommended to opt for automation.

Get more Flexibility:

With open-source testing tools, you can one get more flexibility to mould it as per your requirement.

Bug detection at early stage:

Implementing automation at the initial stage of the project ensures early bug detection, saving lot of effort and time.

Ease to perform tests24/7:

Since, you can schedule test automation accordingly to your need anytime throughout the day, you can run the test cases at night and find the result next morning. So, as a tester you don’t always have to be plated at the office while running the test cases.


Test cases can be reused; utilize them as many times you want. Test automation brings the benefit of distributed testing as one can easily run the same test script on different (more than just one) computer on shared network effortlessly.

Get better test coverage:

At time you may come across test cases having more than thousand lines of code and in such cases it become very difficult to manage it through manual testing efforts. Automation can certainly bring in the better test coverage with enhancements.

Optimal usage of resource:

Manual testing may require more manpower compared to automation. Implementation of automation process certainly brings down the manpower requirement.


If you want 100% accuracy every time you run the test, then you must go for automation. Even a tenure manual testing expert can make mistakes at times while executing same set of activity for a long time. So, improve accuracy with automation.

Get better ROI:

Most automation testing professionals look to use open-source technology which saves huge cost, saves time with better accuracy and consistency.

Get more meaningful reporting:

Most automation testing tools comes with tracking system for each test script. With visual logs depicting all the test script execution, it makes life easier. Reports clearly shows how many test scripts are executed till date, how many of them are scheduled, bug reported and how many of them are fixed.

Automation is interesting, more you do more you learn and look for innovation. One of the biggest challenge in the industry is to motivate the manual QA experts to grow with automation. Enhancing their skillset with automation will help them individually as well as help their team to grow. It is important to embrace the new technology trends in the market and evolve.

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