Sales Force Automation Improves Your ROI

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Sales Force Automation is
a part of your Enterprise CRM (customer relationship management), a system that
automates all your daily sales processes that would normally be done by an
administrator, you or your staff.

If setup correctly  to be a reflection of your business process can
automate 98% of those daily tasks in real time all in one place giving your
sales force team time to focus on what is important, selling.

Salesforce is a very powerful CRM and the leader in the
industry because of its scalability and the fact that it can be customized to
any companies needs no matter the size.

In order to get true sales force automation you must have a
CRM that can conform to your businesses needs and processes, grow with your
company and work with you making your administrative tasks virtually
disappear.  Riptide Software Inc. a
national Salesforce partner has a team of Salesforce consultants with several
years of sales force automation experience and has successfully completed
hundreds of salesforce implementations and salesforce Integrations as well as configurations for

Doing case studies with their clients Riptide uncovered that
their clients have seen a 20% to 30% increase in sales after automating the sales
and marketing process making your Salesforce
platform give a great return on investment year after year. Due in part
to the entire sales process being organized and automated from the lead
tracking, real time reporting, dashboards, documents and lead management. Everything
is in one place on a customized dashboard that gives you a full overall view of
what your results are in seconds. No more waiting around for your lead results,
a sales rep can give you the status of a lead in real time while he is out in
the field via mobile device.  Salesforce
also ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated eliminating the risk of over
contacted customers.    

Many more elements of Salesforce can include sales
forecasting, order management and product knowledge to make your business more
efficient and profitable.

and fully customizable, Salesforce can delivers information to you in real
time. Whether

are in the office, on your mobile device, or offline, you’ll have the tools
that managers and

need to improve visibility, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

Accounts & contacts –
Maximize sales representative’s productivity with a full view of each customer
for deep knowledge
of every account and contact.

Opportunities & quotes –
Turn sales opportunities into closed business with a single place for updating

information, recording customer interactions, tracking competitors, and
creating quotes.

Chatter – Collaborate instantly
within the context of your existing sales processes. Get real-time updates

to you on the people, data, and documents that can help you close more deals.

Marketing & leads –
Align marketing with sales to close deals faster, and see which of your

leads to the most sales with a single system for managing and tracking
multi-channel marketing

from lead to close.

Workflow & approvals – Get
greater control over routine activities, eliminate redundant tasks, and

and experience widespread adherence to your business processes.

Email & calendaring –
Remove the barriers to CRM by combining the desktop apps your reps already use

one spot. The Sales Cloud works seamlessly with Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes,
and Google Apps.

Jigsaw data services –
Your CRM data just got a whole lot better with real-time contact info and

data hygiene. Discover new contact data, and turn previously unusable records
into new leads.

Partner management – Get
unparalleled, real-time visibility throughout the full partner life cycle.

and collaborate instantly with partners on leads, accounts, opportunities, and

Analytics – Empower every user with
a comprehensive, real-time view of your business. Managers, executives, and
reps are only a few clicks away from the insight needed to make smart business
decisions and accurately

future sales.

Mobile – Don’t miss any activity,
even when you’re out of the office. Follow your customers on your favorite
mobile device. Salesforce runs native apps on the most popular mobile
platforms: Android, BlackBerry, iPad, and iPhone.

AppExchange – Extend the Sales Cloud
throughout your organization. Browse among 1,000+ applications

the AppExchange,’s popular marketplace for cloud computing apps.

Riptide Software – can
Tailor the Salesforce platform to work for your business with the leading cloud
technologies for business applications. Customize with clicks, add any business
process, or build your own apps and websites to extend your solution.


Cloud can get you started with Salesforce and integrate all your sales processes,
where you’ll work more productively thanks to real-time visibility, easy customization
to fit your business, and social collaboration that will help you sell more,

leaders like Cisco, NBC Universal, DellFree Reprint Articles,
and Wells Fargo
all trust salesforce to help take

sales success to the next level. That’s why Salesforce is the most popular sales
application among

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