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Scope of the project

  • Buyer Persona Analysis
  • UX/UI Analysis
  • Website redesign
  • Change of technology and internal structure
  • Sales process improvement
  • Creation of user area with user points, wish list, shipment tracking, among others.
  • Creation of an internal loyalty system
  • Shipment automation
  • Performance optimization as your number of sales/users/products escalates
  • Monthly growth plan


Ingenio Destreza mental S.A.S. was in a growth phase, they had a range of successful products and a physical location in the Laureles neighborhood in Medellin. However, they were looking to expand much further, throughout Colombia.

They already had a functional website, however, it failed to reflect the potential, identity and growth projection they needed at the time.


Redesigning the website from scratch, with a clear objective: to generate many more online sales to support its new growth phase.


Together with Ingenio, we review your buying process, your Buyer Personas, and install analytics systems to analyze the current navigation processes of users, then we document it and find the critical points of frustration.

Then, we proposed a navigation hypothesis that resulted in three new possible designs, from which the current one was chosen.

We executed the redesign, and continued to optimize the purchasing processes steadily, sales continued to grow from the moment we launched the new ecommerce.

Subsequently, we supported the automation of processes to facilitate sales logistics, and we continued to optimize, improve and update their technical processes.

Currently Ingenio continues to grow through sales throughout Colombia. It already has a presence in El Tesoro and Oviedo stores.

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